Bars are a hub of socialization. Drinks help people loosen up, and a big game on TV helps people  discover common ground. Most people go to bars to be with friends, so it’s understandable why many bar owners don’t see the benefit of adding WiFi to their locations. After all, nobody wants to be at a bar where people are staring at their phones all night.

However, there’s more to the appeal of WiFi than meets the eye. Believe it or not, WiFi can help improve your bar in almost every conceivable way– including many benefits you’d never consider.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Although bars lend themselves to socialization, bar owners need to understand that many guests still want to keep tabs on what’s going on outside of the bar. WiFi enables your guests to keep in touch with people and events taking place elsewhere, which may encourage them to stay longer versus leave.  That, of course, can lead to them spending more money.

This is especially true of sports bars. While your customers are there to watch the game, they also want to use their phones to check other scores and keep an eye on their fantasy teams. If your bar lacks a strong WiFi signal, guests  may feel they’re better served staying at home. The situation gets even hairier when 100s of people try to call an Uber after the game using poor cell signals. Free WiFi gives your customers the ability to have the best of both worlds and will keep them coming back for more.

Promotional Considerations

Many people roll their eyes when they think about young people glued to their smartphones, posting to social media, and taking selfies. But that behavior is a great asset for your business especially when those same people are  telling the world that they’re having a great time at your bar.

With WiFi, this is a breeze. Without WiFi, guests will likely  have a hard time spreading the word, which may ultimately result in those people moving on and spreading the word about a different location. A few Instagrams tagging your bar is great free publicity, and an endorsement for the great time to be had.

Customer Tracking

Customer satisfaction is a major perk of WiFi, to be sure. But the real appeal of WiFi is hidden in the data it can provide business owners about their customers. Whereas you may be aware of certain regulars that frequent your bar, tracking your marketing’s effectiveness, the demographics of your customer base, and average dwell time  take your customer relations to a whole new level.

When you start seeing how often people really come to your bar, you’ll understand what motivates them to visit. You’ll also see how frequently they come by and how long they stay. As you learn more about your customer base, you’ll be able to create promotions based around this knowledge. You can even encourage people to log into your WiFi on each visit, promising rewards after a specific number of check-ins.

Tools like Zenreach make capitalizing on your WiFi a no-brainer. By simply plugging in a router, Zenreach shows you what guests come through your door, and when. Not only can you automate your email marketing and segment emails by demographics and visitor type, but Zenreach can even tell you how many people return as a result of an email. Not only does adding WiFi give your guests a great experience, but you win too!

WiFi can provide a tremendous boost to your bar’s business, all with a minimal investment of time and money. Still not convinced? Sign up for a free Zenreach trial today and see how WiFi grows your business in just 30 days.

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