“Get ready for a different kind of newsletter…”

It’s impossible to know exactly how many times those words have been uttered by editors introducing the first edition of a new publication, but we’ve certainly heard them before. A lot. You probably have as well, and if you’re like us, you no longer believe the hype. So forgive me for saying this: get ready, because you’re reading a different kind of newsletter. We really mean it and let me tell you why.

A to Zen is truly the first data-driven client newsletter geared to show you how brick-and-mortar businesses are winning. Our purpose is to share success stories and thoughts on how new features can be leveraged in today’s market conditions. We look to highlight use cases and case studies whose insights can be applied to businesses of any size. It’s a newsletter that looks forward, not backward. We’re here to help and focus on hot industry topics like: 

  • How to adjust your attribution windows to show your missing attributable sales
  • How to increase in-store Walk-Throughs
  • How programmatic advertising can compete with social campaigns
  • Why there’s so much buzz around in-store retargeting

Here’s a great story: a national retailer was looking to increase their share-of-wallet (SOW) in the continuously challenging brick-and-mortar environment. With more consumers shopping online, the ability to drive new foot traffic into retail stores was the highest priority for a retailer who achieved over 85% of their company sales through traditional store shopping.  

Driving customers into the stores was just one problem they were attempting to address with Adentro—the other was understanding the consumer’s buying behaviors as it relates to omnichannel shopping options.  

Using Adentro to passively detect their in-store shoppers, the client then compared these customers to those in their active files and was able to deterministically prove that most of their consumers were only shopping in-store. This level of insight was previously unavailable to the retailer. Together with Zenreach, they could now retarget their existing in-store shoppers in the same exact way this retailer was doing online.

We want you to be the next Adentro success story. Read on for tips, tactics, and insights to help get you there.


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