POS Integration

A point-of-sale (POS) system is the lifeblood of any brick and mortar businesses in today’s modern era. 

While these systems might have originally been created to expedite the checkout process for customers, POS platforms have now evolved into a valuable tool for tracking other aspects of the business; they now also allow for businesses to monitor their inventory, organize sales transactions, and have visibility into multiple locations—all while using a single, centralized system. 

POS systems come in all shapes and sizes—terminal/desktop, mobile, tablet, to name a few—but regardless of the type you have in your location(s), you’re surely among the majority of business operators who want to extract more value from their POS data.

At Adentro, we’ve found a way to connect your media spend to your POS systems, allowing you to see directly what revenue was driven from your ads and into your registers. 

Let’s review why this is so valuable:

Traditionally, brands will leverage an average order value (AOV) and apply that amount across any purchase or visitation calculations made within the business. The challenge with this practice is that by using an average, the transaction data becomes generalized and inaccurate. 

By tapping directly into your business’s POS data, Adentro is able to deterministically tell you how much revenue was driven into your locations and provide analysis around what those data points tell you about your clients and their shopping behavior. 

Here’s a real-world example:

There’s a burger joint with an AOV of $18. So if there were a hundred purchases, we would determine that roughly $1,800 in sales were driven from those orders. This insight is helpful, but it’s missing the accuracy and detail needed to clarify the true value of your marketing efforts. 

With a POS integration, however, Adentro would be able to track each and every purchase—meaning we would be able to show and report out on the value of each individual customer

Not only would you have real-time ROAS for your marketing, you’d also be equipped to better answer questions such as, “does a loyal customer have a higher AOV than a first-time customer?”  

Understanding your customer is paramount to the success of your business, and a POS integration with Adentro is an easy way to gain insights on your client base while linking real-time purchase data to your marketing efforts. 

If you are looking for real-time purchasing data, more robust customer insights, and a deeper understanding of your customers’ purchasing habits, don’t wait—let’s get integrated today! 


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