Zenreach’s mission is to ‘make life easier for merchants’ while they grow their business. We do this by equipping them with easy-to-use tools that let them to go toe-to-toe with big national chains and online competitors by engaging with their customers online and offline.

Over the last few months, the Zenreach team has been engaged in a discussion about the best way to support our merchant partners and help them grow their businesses as our own business gets bigger. We want to continue to deliver a seamless customer journey, from the first conversation with a Zenreach representative through onboarding, support, renewal and expansion.

To do that we decided to pull all our customer-facing teams together into one organization, with a single goal: to delight our customers every time you interact with us. So we decided the time was right for us to appoint our first chief customer officer. Filling this role will help ensure our teams are ready to support customers as Zenreach grows to tens of thousands of merchants and hundreds of millions of users.

Serving merchants with new leadership

Very few companies have done more to expand the possibilities for small merchants than eBay. eBay has given millions of merchants access to a massive marketplace; which makes it the perfect place for Zenreach to find a leader with experience helping staggering numbers of small sellers use digital tools to reach their highest sales potential.

John Kelly is our new chief customer officer. He joins Zenreach from eBay where he led the Seller Growth team. He was responsible for building relationships with eBay merchants, and providing them with tools and programs to grow their sales. He’s passionate about helping merchants succeed and has exactly the right experience to lead the teams at Zenreach tasked with helping them become more profitable and successful. He is now responsible for end-to-end customer success at Zenreach.

At eBay, John worked closely with sellers and developed a deep appreciation for what it takes to stay competitive in tough markets. He says, “It requires a lot of courage to start up a business and keep it going. So many things have to be managed well.” Joining Zenreach gives him a fresh opportunity to help others succeed. He adds, “That’s a mission I feel good being part of.”

Building a better product for our merchants

We are constantly adding features to Zenreach that will, as our mission claims, make life easier for merchants. As we work with more and more great businesses, we have been able to tune our tools to better fit their needs. Recently, we released a new version of our mobile app that puts even more on-the-go power into the hands of people who are running a business, but not sitting at a desk. We added a mobile email composer that lets you create email campaigns from your mobile device.

We’ve also heard from many of our customers and partners that our one-size-fits-all product could better serve specific needs. We’re hard at work on some big changes that will let Zenreach serve a much broader range of use cases and customer profiles. Stay tuned for more news on this during the next couple months.

Changing the future of your business

Zenreach is committed to helping businesses who operate in the real world take advantage of tools that work in the digital world. We will continue to listen to our customers and make the products they need to succeed.

With our leadership seats filled, we are ready to take your business and ours to the next level. If you’ve been with us for a while, we thank you for your partnership. And if you’re thinking about trying out WiFi marketing, there really is no better time.

The view from the field—check out our latest customer success video.


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