Thinking about hosting events at your restaurant? Check out a few event ideas that can take your restaurant marketing to the next level!

Not only are events a great way to get your restaurant name out the door, they can also attract previous customers to come back. When customers attend an event at your restaurant, use the opportunity to wow them with great food and service. If the person who attends your event is taken exceptional care of and enjoys your food, he or she will be a customer for life!

Additionally, when you host an event for someone else, like a brand or charity, partner with their marketing efforts.

The partnering business will likely market their fundraiser through a variety of channels like their website, email newsletters and social media. Leverage the power of co-marketing!  You will now part of their marketing powerhouse without having to pay for it!

Below is a list of suggested events to host at your restaurant.

Food Tasting 

Have new items on your menu? Want to showcase a new recipe? Opt for a food tasting event. Make the event special by featuring a multitude of menus: vegetarian, gluten-free, dessert-driven, and offer enticing specials. If it’s your restaurant, use your creativity to create a unique experience for your customers to draw in new ones and build loyalty with your regulars.

Live Music

Music brings in the crowds. You can dedicate your event to the type of live music you decide to host. For example, you can create a ‘Jazz-Night’ event and pair the night with live jazz music. Make sure to advertise it beforehand through your social media channels and customized email marketing.

Music brings in the crowds.


Charity Events

Hosting a charity event is a win-win for restaurants. It’s also a great way to get involved with the community. You provide the physical space for the fundraiser while raising money for the charity and in doing so also create awareness and drive people to your restaurant. Let customers enjoy your business and do good for the community at the same time! Offering a portion of your proceeds (however much you want) of your customers’ meals for the charity is always a good idea. This is a great way to draw in people into your restaurant yet give something back to society at the same time!

Private Parties

Renting out your restaurant space can bring more attention to your food and restaurant. This could open more doors to more parties being held at your business catering opportunities!

When you hold events of your own, you increase your marketing reach. First, it lets people know you can handle events so you remain on their radar when they need another event. Second, it brings repeat and new customers back to your restaurant on a regular basis.

Once you have decided to host regular events at your restaurant, it is important to effectively publicize them. You can promote the event traditionally with posters and flyers in your restaurant. Additionally, a smart messaging/email marketing software like Zenreach can automatically help inform your customers and get them excited to come back! Don’t believe us? Give it a try with Zenreach

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