“Retargeting is a joke. It’s snake oil. You should never buy it.” 

Zenreach CEO, John Kelly, heard those words from the CMO of a large retailer at a major retail conference in the days before retargeting was widely adopted. The CMO’s rationale was simple and seductive: “Consumers already come back to my site naturally, I don’t need some third party to step in and take credit for that behavior.”  

Most marketers would scoff at that statement now, but before retargeting was a common practice, many were skeptical. 

Retargeting was a major advancement in online marketing. While it’s true that consumers may come back multiple times to a retailer’s website during their consideration cycle, it’s also true that those consumers are going to other retailers’ sites while deciding what to buy, and from which merchant.  Putting your message in front of consumers during that consideration cycle can be very powerful. 

This powerful opportunity is not confined to the online world.  

In this video, John, who was himself a part of the retargeting revolution, discusses why Walk-Through Marketing is an equally important step in online to offline ad measurement and tracking. And how it’s reshaping the future for businesses with physical locations. 

After you’ve watched the video, take a deeper dive with our white paper. It goes into detail about how Walk-Through Marketing can help you attract and retain more customers.


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