Email remains the best and most effective way to communicate with your customers. 49% of all companies are currently using email marketing automation with more than half of B2B adopting the technology.Email offers a personal, scalable and effective way for you as a business owner to connect with your customers. With email, you’re sending your content to the people who want it and  messaging means higher walk-through rates, more open rates, and an engaged audience.

Here are 6 easy tips!

  1.     The 5-second test

The 5-second test assumes your audience will look at your email for a short 5 seconds. If they can’t figure out what the email’s about, you’ve lost the customer – and the sale. Test your email newsletters by letting other people look at them for 5 seconds, if you can. If you’re able to hold their attention for more than 5 seconds, great job!. If your audience trails off before 5 seconds, then go in and make another change. If you don’t have a set audience to test with, ask as many friends and co-workers for their input instead.

  1.     Responsive emails go the extra mile

Because many people check their email on their mobile device, you want to make sure that your content is responsive or device-friendly.

Using a responsive template will ensure that your email can be viewed across multiple devices. Thankfully, services like Zenreach simplify this for you. Zenreach’s customizable templates can be used across all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) and allow you to preview how it looks on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone screens before sending.

  1.     Create a catchy and memorable subject line

When a customer gets an email, the first two things that catches his or her eye are – name of sender and the subject line.

Play around with different tactics for creating an interesting subject line, from a catchy cliffhanger phrase to a clever pun – your customers will appreciate it! For those who want to, try A/B testing them by comparing two different versions of a title to see which one performs better. There are many software options in the market you can utilize to A/B test your content.

  1.     Include high-quality graphics and have an easy Call-to-Action

Too many companies put the call-to-action at the bottom of an email, assuming their audience will read each piece of content they send. How do you stand out?

Unfortunately, most emails are read on-the-go or in a hurry. Keep in mind that responsive emails add an extra wrinkle to this – ensuring your call-to-action appears near the top of every email, on every device, can be tough. Zenreach’s highly interactive email composer lets you do this easily. Action in the beginning = results.

  1.     Link to more information or longer posts

It can be all too easy to think an email is “just” for achieving the specific goal embodied in its call -to-action. However, email can be a great tool for encouraging engagement with your content, website or app.

Be sure to always lure your customer back to your website or your business. Use a promotion of a blog post or a push notification of a special deal. Make your customer ultimately want to move from your email to your website.

  1.     Making your email content personal

Email marketing doesn’t need to be scary, or impersonal. Using an email marketing automation tool that personalizes messages by name, age, and other demographics will make them feel special and want to come back to your business. Don’t believe us? Give it a try with Zenreach.

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