The WiFi revolution has taken the world by storm in recent years. Free customer WiFi was once a perk offered only by coffee shops. Today, restaurants of all types offer free WiFi, from fast food joints to sit-down eateries. Virtually any business benefits from having free WiFi, but it’s especially true in the case of bars and restaurants. Here are five ways offering free WiFi to your customers can significantly improve not only the customer experience, but your business’ bottom line.

Increased Spend

You might not think WiFi has anything to do with encouraging people to spend more money. However, studies show that 62 percent of customers spent more time in establishments once they added WiFi . Furthermore, 50 percent said they spent more money as a result of the extra time they were in these establishments. Hear that bars and pubs? That one’s for you!

Customer Tracking

WiFi isn’t just a tool that helps customers–it can actually be a major coup for your backend operations as well. Free WiFi gives you the opportunity to track the visits of your customers. You’ll be able to see how frequently people come into your restaurant and how long they stay. It’s a much more comprehensive and passive way to get to know your customers than loyalty cards, and can help turn casual guests into loyal customers.

Promotion Analysis

How do you know if your promotional efforts work? Sure, you may be able to see an increase in your total receipts for a given night, but do you really understand why it worked or with what audience? Using WiFi-powered customer tracking, you can see how many more people you brought back with a promo or coupon. You can also keep an eye on any changes in customer behavior as a result of your promotions. This is a level of analysis you could only dream about without the implementation of free WiFi.

Email Marketing

The benefits of free WiFi go well beyond the doors of your restaurant. Companies like Zenreach specialize in offering WiFi through custom portals, which offer your guests promotional info in exchange for their email address.. Not only do you get a new avenue to promote your restaurant, but you can then use the email to send exclusive coupons and promo codes. You can also send periodic emails to simply thank customers for their business or to wish them the best on certain holidays.

Improved Customer Service

The ability to personalize your marketing increases drastically with the information you learn from your WiFi system. Since you can track each customer’s visit, you’ll be able to issue unique promotional materials, either by email, text message, or in-person. For instance, you can congratulate a customer on their 10th visit by rewarding them them with a free appetizer or entree. You can even reach out to customers who haven’t visited in a while, offering them a discount or coupon to bring them back through your door. The sky’s the limit with this type of promotion, and it’s one that will make your customers even more loyal to your establishment.

As a bar or restaurant owner, WiFi shouldn’t be a sunk cost. Turn WiFi from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a cornerstone of your business. Who knew that free WiFi could be so powerful?

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