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Turn In-Store Customer Data Into Marketing Fuel with Adentro

We’ve helped thousands of businesses like yours improve their marketing performance by up to 400%. Adentro is the only visit-based marketing platform that pairs with your in-store guest WiFi network to drive real guest visits AND proves it. Our marketing platform was specifically built with brick-and-mortar businesses in mind and includes:

Data Collection: Use your in-store WiFi to build your CRM with rich customer visit data.
Email Marketing: Automate personalized campaigns based on customer visit behavior.
Advertising: Attract new customers by targeting audiences that look like your best customers.
Attribution: Measure the success of your email and ad campaigns with real guest Walk-Throughs and optimize for visits, not clicks.

Get started today to better understand your guests, launch more effective marketing, and increase ROI.

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How It Works

1. Pair Adentro with the guest WiFi in your physical location.
Setting up Adentro can be as simple as adjusting the configurations on your existing WiFi access points. Our support team makes installation a breeze.

2. Start collecting in-store customer data.
The custom WiFi portal is a seamless way to capture guest contact information, helping you build your CRM and get insights about your in-store customers and their visit behavior.

3. Leverage your in-store customer data for digital marketing.
Whether you want to send first-time visitors a welcome email or retarget your in-store guests with online advertising, Adentro helps fuel your marketing efforts AND prove ROI with our proprietary Walk-Through Rate™.

Measure What Matters: Real Customer Visits

Adentro is the only Visit-Based Marketing platform that can drive customer visits AND prove it. Schedule a demo today and start measuring the metrics that really matter.

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In-Store Attribution

We’re the only marketing solution that offers true 1:1 in-store attribution: tying customer Walk-Throughs to emails, a particular campaign, or even to a single ad.

Ad Management

Adentro runs prospecting and retargeting campaigns based on your best customers — the ones already visiting your physical locations. We’ll target highly-qualified audiences on paid social, programmatic display, or Connected TV while you watch your ROI climb.

POS Integration

Integrate Adentro with your POS to discover more robust customer insights about how your marketing impacts guest visits, purchase patterns, and more!